Heintzberger Payne and Company, LLC, a recordkeeping and third-party administration firm, was sold in April, 2016 to The Retirement Plan Company of Nashville, Tennessee.  The  LLC continues to exist, fulfills its contractual obligations to its clients and operates out of Portland, Oregon under the name TRPC of Portland. [www.trpcweb.com].

Heintzberger Payne and Company, LLC had been a subsidiary of Northwest Capital Management, Inc. (“NWCM”). The sale of the subsidiary did not involve the sale of any ownership interest in NWCM.  NWCM continues to operate as an employee-owned, independent, investment advisory firm headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

In 2010, NWCM began to operate as Heintzberger Payne Advisors to more closely associate with its recordkeeping business. With the divestiture of this business, the advisory firm will begin a transition to using its legal name since 1998: Northwest Capital Management, Inc. — and NWCM as an abbreviation.

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Northwest Capital Management, Inc.
13333 SW 68th Parkway, Suite 230
Portland, OR 97223

E-mail: [email protected]
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There is a debate raging within the financial services industry as to the standard financial advisors should be held to when dealing with clients.  The brokerage industry argues that the standard needs only be that recommendations are “suitable”.  As part of the registered investment advisory community, we argue that recommendations must be in the “best” interests of the client. Big difference, huh?

Your goals.  Your money.  Your future. They all come first in our business dealings with you. Let us state this one fact unequivocally: We are a fiduciary when giving you advice.  Our advice is based on that which we sincerely believe is best for you.

We understand that our advice will impact you in significant ways. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously.  At times, it keeps us awake at night.

We have the extensive client relationships we do because of one simple fact:  Our clients trust us. Not blind trust, but extreme confidence in our capabilities given their experiences with us; the recommendations from friends and colleagues; the breadth of our knowledge and services; and, the stature we enjoy within the community.

Without our clients trust, we could not deliver the services that can translate into investment success.

When you succeed, we succeed. 



Excellence comes in many forms.  The character and attitude of the people working at Heintzberger Payne. Their experience.  Education and training.  Professional certifications.

We work with partners we know to have the same standards of service as us.  Given the significant amount of assets we have under management, we are able to demand excellent service from our partners, in particular the custodians of client assets.

We do not think that our research should be limited to what can be found in Morningstar.  Real research is required before we will invest our client’s money.

Software in our industry has become critical to the delivery of our services. We license software that we believe to be the best.  Our IT budget is significant.

We are innovators.  Much of our software capabilities and deliverables have been developed in-house. When we felt there was a need to have something to deliver value to clients, our attitude has always been, “If we can’t buy it, we will need to create it ourselves!”

With your financial future and objectives at stake, “good enough” or “OK” shouldn’t be the description of our capabilities. “Excellence” has to be the minimum standard for the services you expect.  



So many players in the financial services industry sell products; third parties do their “heavy lifting”. We, however, provide a service. The analysis; the advice; the reporting, your inquiries.  We do it all.

Your circumstances are unique, and the counsel you seek requires individual attention and follow-through. There is not a “cookie cutter” when it comes to helping you achieve your investment objectives.

We understand that investments are not necessarily your field of expertise. The issues facing your financial life can be quite complex. We are prepared to answer your questions on a regular basis so that you best understand the financial course we have charted together.

Everything in which you will invest at our recommendations and advice is fully marketable and can be sold at any time.  You will not be “saddled” with owning anything --nor with an investment that has a surrender penalty. Investment accounts are registered in your name at qualified custodians, and all securities therein can at any time be transferred to another advisor or maintained by you.

We do not sell products.  Unlike brokers, we do not earn commissions—often at the time of the sale, and in quite substantial amounts.  A broker’s motivation to provide good service is to earn trailing annual commissions many products will pay, and/ or to have another opportunity to sell you something in the future.

Legally, we cannot be paid commissions. The compensation we earn is only that which you pay us and is fully disclosed.  And there’s not the big up-front payment. We are paid quarterly by you.  And we serve at your pleasure.  If we fail to deliver value to you, our continued relationship—and revenue—is at risk.  Our business model motivates us to provide great service.



Your financial objectives will not be achieved tomorrow; rather, it is a long-term process. (We might be able to quickly get you steered in the right direction, but it will still be a journey!)  We know that you are busy. Part of our job is to keep you informed of what we are doing on your behalf.

We are always a phone call away.  If you have a question, we want you to call us.  Or let’s schedule a face-to-face meeting.

Most often, our communication will be online or with printed reports. As our relationship develops and you come to better understand the content of these reports, you will come to value the high quality of our reporting.

Our reports are designed to be a “report card” of sorts. How is the account performing?  Is it achieving its benchmarks?  Is it compliant with constraints you have placed on the account as to the type and amount of securities that can be bought?

Our reports are designed to give you the most clarity when reviewing your portfolio’s performance with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight.

Understand that all of your investments will be kept in brokerage accounts at a qualified custodian such as Charles Schwab.  These accounts are registered in your name. The custodian will send you monthly statements and trade confirmations.  You will always have direct access to these accounts and full control over them.

Our access to your accounts is for trading purposes only.  We can be authorized to deduct our fee from your account.  Otherwise, we have no ability to direct that money be sent out of an account unless it is sent in the registered name of the account and to the address of record—or it is in compliance with written instructions from you.